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Early Childhood Education Resources

Resources from Walden University – Foundations of Early Chilhood

Positional Statements and Influential Practices

Global Support for Children’s Rights and Well-Being

Selected Early Childhood Organizations

Selected Professional Journals

  • YC Young Children
  • Childhood
  • Journal of Child & Family Studies
  • Child Study Journal
  • Multicultural Education
  • Early Childhood Education Journal
  • Journal of Early Childhood Research
  • International Journal of Early Childhood
  • Early Childhood Research Quarterly
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Social Studies
  • Maternal & Child Health Journal
  • International Journal of Early Years Education

Additional Early Childhood Resources (Simply click on images to be directed to correlating websites)

Early Learning Standards:




Curriculum and Lesson Plan Ideas, Resources, and Suggestions:

          An excellent magazine chalked full of ideas, songs, activities, and theme units

Activity Idea Place- preschool lesson plans
An great website for any early childhood education looking for lesson plan ideas

Child Development, Data, and Research

              Stay up-to-date with current resarch and data treads in education

Inspiration Quotes from Early Childhood Contributors

Get inspired by reading through some of these fabulous quotes from notable early childhood contributors

Informational Books Pertaining to Development, Theories, and Teaching Strategies

Rethinkinkg Early Childhood Education
Editted by Ann Pelo





Special Education and Early Intervention Resources

A great resource for educators, parents, and families with children who have special needs





 Foundations of Assessment in Early Childhood Special Education
by Effie Kritikos, Phyllis LeDosquet, and Mark Melton


Early Intervention Games: Fun, Joyful Ways to Develop Social and Motor
Skills in Children with Autism Spectrum or Sensory Processing Disorders
by Barbara Sher





The Early Intervention Guidebook for Families and Professionals: Partnering for Success
by Bonnie Keilty

Outstanding Contributors to Education

 Maria Montessori
Developed the Montessory education theory which is used currently in public and private schools





Howard Gardner
Developed the theory that people learn using multiple intelligence


Watch a brief media clip on Mr. Gardner explaining his theory:


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Words of Inspiration and Motivation

The Passion for Early Childhood:

My passion is to make sure all students were taught in environments and ways that truly nutured their ability to grow and develop to their fullest potential.

Teachers have to figure out who they are and find their voice.                                                                                                                                                      – Louise Derman-Sparks

I’m not here to save the world. I’m here just to make a difference …
                                                                                                                                                      – Raymond Hernandez

It’s not about you. It’s what’s best for this child.
Renatta M. Cooper

When I think of the word passion and the meaning to the word passion, what comes to mind are what are my values, what are my beliefs, what are the ideas that lead me to action, what do I do so naturally that perhaps seems natural to me but may be challenging to others? What’s in my heart?
Leticia Lara  


The Passion for Early Childhood [Course Media]. (n.d.). Retrieved from https://class.waldenu.             edu/webapps/portal/frameset.jsp?tab_tab_group_id=_2_1&url=%2Fwebapps%2Fblackbo ard%2Fexecute%2Flauncher%3Ftype%3DCourse%26id%3D_1342559_1%26url%3D

Janet Gonzalez-Mena

The equitable approach is to honor diversity and seek to understand what culturally sensitive care means for each family to be served. To meet such a goal, professionals have to establish close communication with families and work together with them toward positive outcomes for their children’s identity, sense of belonging, and cultural competence.

Difference cannot be negotiated until understanding is reached.


Gonzalez-Mena, J. (2001). Cross-cultural Infant Care and Issues of Equity and Social Justice. Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood 2(3) doi: 10.2304/ciec.2001.2.3.8

Jean Marc Gaspard Itard

Here is a subnormal boy who has lacked civilizing experience. If I give him this experience, he will become normal.

The isolated and simultaneous action of our senses exerts a powerful influence upon the formation and development of our ideas.


Lieberman, L. M. (1982). Itard: The Great Problem Solver. Journal Of Learning Disabilities15(9) Retrieved from


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Personal Childhood Web: My Mommy

Mommy and Erin

She is … my mommy – Kathy.

My favorite memory is … her swimming with me on a hot day. My mommy doesn’t like to swim. Even after we got a new pool where the water tended to get hot quickly, she would often encourages us from the sidelines. One afternoon, as the temperature became sweltering hot, she donned her bathing suit and clambering into the pool. I will never forget the shocked look on my face as I was now face-to-face with my mother in the pool. I enjoyed every minute in that pool with her, because I got to do my favorite activity with one of my favorite people in the world.

She influenced my life when I was a child by … always communicating with me. My mother was always talking to me. If we went somewhere, she talked to me about what we were seeing. She asked me questions to provoke my thinking and challenged me to grow. She taught me to have a passion for learning and to never stop learning. She inspired me to always reach for more, no matter how tired I might be feeling. She influenced my life my teaching me to leave things better for those who would come after us. I learned about compassion and empathy through my mommy. I learned how to treat others with diginity and respect, even if they didn’t return it. I learned to always give and don’t expect anything in return. The influence on my childhood through my mother is invaluable and has shaped me into the woman that I am today.

She nurtured and cared about me through… always reading to me. I remember that whenever we took a car trip, my mommy had a book in her hand. We read countless books in the car. Through her reading to me, I felt her love for me radiate from her being. I also knew that she cared for me in ways that I couldn’t imagine by working numerous jobs just to provide for us. I recall her going to work in the evenings and overnights, and yet she spend time with me during the days. She cared for me through making personal sacrifices. She spent so much time with me. Sometimes I think she created extra time in her schedule just to make sure that I knew I was loved and cared for. My mommy nurtured and cared for me through countless ways that have left me a better human being.

She made me feel special by …investing time individualized specifically for me. I felt incredibly important to her because she always created unique opportunities to spend time with me. I remember one day she took me to the doll factory. I adored dolls when I was younger, and I was thrilled to spend time with my mommy looking at the toy I loved best. My mom made me feel special by creating powerful memories that were tailored to my personal interests. Through making these incredible memories, they have stuck with me through childhood into adulthood. I will never forget how important and special I felt to my mom as I grew up.

Her influence continues today … I still find my mommy in me as an adult. Whenever I go out to a resturant with friends, I gather up all the plates after our meal and stack them in a neat pile. I often get questionable looks when I do this. I simply say that this is how my mother raised me. I have a passion for reading that I know came from her. I have also taken in her footsteps by having a career in education. I have adopted her deep compassion for others and her kindness towards those who are in need. I find my mother’s influence in me wherever I go, and I know that I will carry her in my heart until I die.

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Personal Childhood Web: My Daddy

Daddy and Erin

He is … my daddy – Brian.

My favorite memory is … There was this little hoagie shop about twenty minutes from our house. On a regular basis, my daddy and I would take trips, just him and I, to this hoagie place. We would order the same time and always get an extra hoagie for the next day. We would sit and discuss our day over lunch. After eating, we would head to the Walmart down the road, where he would buy me a stuffed animal. The next day, we would eat our hoagies at the same time, thinking about each other.

He influenced my life when I was a child by … my daddy has always been crazy about me. He had a big influence on my life as I grew. He was the one to teach me how to walk before running. He instilled wisdom in me. He taught me the right from the wrong. Whenever I made a mistake, he made sure to lovingly discipline me. Even though I knew I had done wrong, my daddy made sure to love me through disciple. I’ll never forget the look of love in his eyes every time he had to discipline me. As I grew and more difficult issues present themselves, he continued to teach me patience and unconditional love. He was always there, even when I didn’t think he was. He influenced my life by showing me that he is just a human who makes mistakes, but he surely was the best father I could ever ask for.

He nutured and cared about me through… taking the time to tell me stories at bed time. Every night when I was a child, he would stop what he was doing and take time to tell me a bed time story. Yet, they weren’t your typical “Hickory Dickory Dock” stories. They were stories from his childhood. Sometimes they would make me laugh and other times my heart would feel sad. I’ll never forget those bed time stories. He took time to take me to the park. Rather than sit by the side, he was right there by my side, going down the slide with me. He showed his love and care for me by always cheering me on wherever I was. At our field days in elementary school, my dad took the day off from work and cheered me on from the sidelines during most of my events. However, during the running portion, my worst feature, he ran right by my side, cheering me on the whole way. I have always known my daddy nurtured and cared for me all throughout my childhood by the amounts of time he spend with me and the depths of encouragement he showered me with.

He made me feel special by … spending time with just me. My daddy worked very hard in the military and to provide for our family. He also went back to school to finish up his Master’s degree. In the midst of his busy schedule, he always made time just for me. Sometimes he would throw me over his shoulders and carry me around. Other times we would slide down the slide at the local park. We also spend quiet time together at that little hoagie shop. I knew that I was special to my dad because he would take the time to invest in just me and made me feel like I was the world to him.

His influence continues today … My daddy still remains one of my biggest fans. Even though I may make decisions in my adulthood that he doesn’t neccesarily agree with, he still shows me that he is on my side. He still continues to cheer me on. Rather than running at field day, he encourages me when I tell him about a new potential job offer. He shows me his support and love through his kind words and encouragement. He also still takes time to do things with just me. When he is out, he will bring me home my favorite snack. It’s a snack that only I like, and he always remembers which kind I specifically prefer. Though we don’t spend as much time together now, he still influences me today by showering me with his love and encouragement, while allowing me room to spread my wings to fly.

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Personal Childhood Web: My Grandparents

Nana, Poppop, and Erin

They Are… my maternal grandparents: Poppop – Jesse and Nana – Janet

My favorite memory is … When I was eleven or twelve, I remember that I was privilaged to spend a few days by myself at my grandparents’ house. My grandmother spend the next few days teaching me how to sew. She first took me to the store to pick out my own pattern and fabric. Then she showed me how to cut the pattern out and use a straight pin. She patiently watched as I fumbled with a sewing machine to create my first pair of overalls. I was so proud of my first outfit I sewed with my grandmother, and I never forgot the few days they showered me with love and patience.

They influenced my life when I was a child by … always taking time to give me personal and individualized attention. When I would visit my grandparents with my family, the time was usually split between my other two siblings and my parents. Whenever they would talk to me or play with me, they would show that they listened to me by asking questions about my personal interests and likes. I always loved dolls growing up, and my grandmother took time to create new outfits for me to dress them in. My grandfather would ask specific questions about my school year or what sport I was into. I was impacted by their individualized attention they showed me, and I will never forget how important they made me feel.

They nurtured and cared about me through… taking the time to invest in me personally. They also spend countless hours with me, from playing to reading to just talking. Whenever we did spend time together, their attention and devotion was focused directly towards me. They took time to learn about what interested me and what activity I was involved in at school. They showed their care for me through respecting me. Even though I was just a child, I always felt just a little bit taller when I was around them. They nurtured and cared about me through making me feel like the most important person in the world.

They made me feel special by … treating me with respect. When interacting with a child, it is easy to treat that child like a child. However, whenever I spend time with my grandparents, even as a child, I never truly felt like “a child.” I always felt like I was a person treated with respect and dignity. I felt years about my age when I was around my grandparents. I felt important because they took time to invest in my life by talking about what I liked. When I received a gift from them, it was somehow tied into my interests at that time. I felt special to my grandparents because they respect me and treated me like an important person, no matter what my age was.

Their influence continues today … Now that I am an adult, my interests and likes have changed significantly. Rather than talking about the latest doll, we discuss what my job was like yesterday. My grandmother sometimes has a hard time remembering the details about my life, and my grandfather is aging as well. Yet, every time I visit them, they impress me by remembering the smallest details about my life. They remember what job I have and what church I’m going to. They ask me how I feel about current events that interest me. Through this, I still feel important to them. They don’t let their old age stop them from taking a profound interest in me. They work harder now to remember what I am doing currently. I am deeply influenced by their love and respect they have had for me from childhood into adulthood.

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Personal Childhood Web: My Brother

Personal Childhood Web: My Brother

He is … my little brother, about three years younger than me – Keith

My favorite memory is … When I was about seven or eight years old and Keith was four or five, I recall that we LOVED Power Rangers. We collected every color Power Ranger there was and went bonkers when a new sword had come out. Our love for this cartoon show was evident when we created the Power Ranger club. We met every afternoon under our bunk beds and wrote down notes about Power Rangers. Even though we were the only two members in this “club,” it still created lasting memories.

He influenced my life when I was a child by … My little brother and I would play daily with each other during our childhood. He fueled my passion for creativity and stretched my imagination. He was my constant companion and play partner. Whenever I needed someone to play with, he was there. As we grew older, our interests began to seperate, but we would still take time out to play a video game together or laugh over a silly joke. My brother influenced my life by showing me what it is like to live carefree and child-like. He influenced me by taking time to play with me and grow my imagination. He influenced me and left a lasting impact on my life by always being there, no matter what.

He nutured and cared about me through … taking the time to play with me all the time. From playing with Power Rangers to sliding in the mud outside, we would always find something to get into. He showed me he cared for me spending time with me wherever we went. I could tell how much he loved me because wherever I went, he was. I remember we didn’t like sleeping in our room one night, so we took our sleeping bags and sleeped at the bottom of the stairs. He nutured and cared for me by being my friend, my constant companion, my playmate, my confidant, my partner-in-crime … my brother.

He made me feel special by … spending almost all his time with me during our childhood. Whenever we would play together, I remember a special look in his eyes as I talked to him. It was a look of amazement and wonder that his big sister was taking the time to play with him. That look has always stayed with me because it showed me that I was special to him, just like he was special to me. By spending all of our time together, I knew I was special to him, because he chose ME to play with … to explore with … to dream with.

His influence continues today … My brother and I have grown up and grown apart. Our paths have taken us in different directions in life. He is working in the government and I in education. He works night, while I take the day shift. Our interactions have slowed down significantly, yet there are still occasions when we share a laugh or a memory. I try to take an interest in his hobby sometimes and share with him something new I learned about it. As I talk to him, I see that look he had as a child. When that look pops up, I treasure the moment between us. It brings me back to our childhood and the days of wild imagination and dreams. He still influences me today by gently reminding me that I was significant in his childhood and that I am important to him to this day.

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One Curly-Headed Little Girl

One Curly-Headed Little Girl

Photos dated:

– Top photo [red dress]: March 1987 – 1 year 5 months
– Bottom photo [brown plaid dress] – April 1988 – 2 1/2 years

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