Personal Childhood Web: My Brother

15 Jul

Personal Childhood Web: My Brother

He is … my little brother, about three years younger than me – Keith

My favorite memory is … When I was about seven or eight years old and Keith was four or five, I recall that we LOVED Power Rangers. We collected every color Power Ranger there was and went bonkers when a new sword had come out. Our love for this cartoon show was evident when we created the Power Ranger club. We met every afternoon under our bunk beds and wrote down notes about Power Rangers. Even though we were the only two members in this “club,” it still created lasting memories.

He influenced my life when I was a child by … My little brother and I would play daily with each other during our childhood. He fueled my passion for creativity and stretched my imagination. He was my constant companion and play partner. Whenever I needed someone to play with, he was there. As we grew older, our interests began to seperate, but we would still take time out to play a video game together or laugh over a silly joke. My brother influenced my life by showing me what it is like to live carefree and child-like. He influenced me by taking time to play with me and grow my imagination. He influenced me and left a lasting impact on my life by always being there, no matter what.

He nutured and cared about me through … taking the time to play with me all the time. From playing with Power Rangers to sliding in the mud outside, we would always find something to get into. He showed me he cared for me spending time with me wherever we went. I could tell how much he loved me because wherever I went, he was. I remember we didn’t like sleeping in our room one night, so we took our sleeping bags and sleeped at the bottom of the stairs. He nutured and cared for me by being my friend, my constant companion, my playmate, my confidant, my partner-in-crime … my brother.

He made me feel special by … spending almost all his time with me during our childhood. Whenever we would play together, I remember a special look in his eyes as I talked to him. It was a look of amazement and wonder that his big sister was taking the time to play with him. That look has always stayed with me because it showed me that I was special to him, just like he was special to me. By spending all of our time together, I knew I was special to him, because he chose ME to play with … to explore with … to dream with.

His influence continues today … My brother and I have grown up and grown apart. Our paths have taken us in different directions in life. He is working in the government and I in education. He works night, while I take the day shift. Our interactions have slowed down significantly, yet there are still occasions when we share a laugh or a memory. I try to take an interest in his hobby sometimes and share with him something new I learned about it. As I talk to him, I see that look he had as a child. When that look pops up, I treasure the moment between us. It brings me back to our childhood and the days of wild imagination and dreams. He still influences me today by gently reminding me that I was significant in his childhood and that I am important to him to this day.

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