Personal Childhood Web: My Daddy

15 Jul

Daddy and Erin

He is … my daddy – Brian.

My favorite memory is … There was this little hoagie shop about twenty minutes from our house. On a regular basis, my daddy and I would take trips, just him and I, to this hoagie place. We would order the same time and always get an extra hoagie for the next day. We would sit and discuss our day over lunch. After eating, we would head to the Walmart down the road, where he would buy me a stuffed animal. The next day, we would eat our hoagies at the same time, thinking about each other.

He influenced my life when I was a child by … my daddy has always been crazy about me. He had a big influence on my life as I grew. He was the one to teach me how to walk before running. He instilled wisdom in me. He taught me the right from the wrong. Whenever I made a mistake, he made sure to lovingly discipline me. Even though I knew I had done wrong, my daddy made sure to love me through disciple. I’ll never forget the look of love in his eyes every time he had to discipline me. As I grew and more difficult issues present themselves, he continued to teach me patience and unconditional love. He was always there, even when I didn’t think he was. He influenced my life by showing me that he is just a human who makes mistakes, but he surely was the best father I could ever ask for.

He nutured and cared about me through… taking the time to tell me stories at bed time. Every night when I was a child, he would stop what he was doing and take time to tell me a bed time story. Yet, they weren’t your typical “Hickory Dickory Dock” stories. They were stories from his childhood. Sometimes they would make me laugh and other times my heart would feel sad. I’ll never forget those bed time stories. He took time to take me to the park. Rather than sit by the side, he was right there by my side, going down the slide with me. He showed his love and care for me by always cheering me on wherever I was. At our field days in elementary school, my dad took the day off from work and cheered me on from the sidelines during most of my events. However, during the running portion, my worst feature, he ran right by my side, cheering me on the whole way. I have always known my daddy nurtured and cared for me all throughout my childhood by the amounts of time he spend with me and the depths of encouragement he showered me with.

He made me feel special by … spending time with just me. My daddy worked very hard in the military and to provide for our family. He also went back to school to finish up his Master’s degree. In the midst of his busy schedule, he always made time just for me. Sometimes he would throw me over his shoulders and carry me around. Other times we would slide down the slide at the local park. We also spend quiet time together at that little hoagie shop. I knew that I was special to my dad because he would take the time to invest in just me and made me feel like I was the world to him.

His influence continues today … My daddy still remains one of my biggest fans. Even though I may make decisions in my adulthood that he doesn’t neccesarily agree with, he still shows me that he is on my side. He still continues to cheer me on. Rather than running at field day, he encourages me when I tell him about a new potential job offer. He shows me his support and love through his kind words and encouragement. He also still takes time to do things with just me. When he is out, he will bring me home my favorite snack. It’s a snack that only I like, and he always remembers which kind I specifically prefer. Though we don’t spend as much time together now, he still influences me today by showering me with his love and encouragement, while allowing me room to spread my wings to fly.

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