Personal Childhood Web: My Mommy

15 Jul

Mommy and Erin

She is … my mommy – Kathy.

My favorite memory is … her swimming with me on a hot day. My mommy doesn’t like to swim. Even after we got a new pool where the water tended to get hot quickly, she would often encourages us from the sidelines. One afternoon, as the temperature became sweltering hot, she donned her bathing suit and clambering into the pool. I will never forget the shocked look on my face as I was now face-to-face with my mother in the pool. I enjoyed every minute in that pool with her, because I got to do my favorite activity with one of my favorite people in the world.

She influenced my life when I was a child by … always communicating with me. My mother was always talking to me. If we went somewhere, she talked to me about what we were seeing. She asked me questions to provoke my thinking and challenged me to grow. She taught me to have a passion for learning and to never stop learning. She inspired me to always reach for more, no matter how tired I might be feeling. She influenced my life my teaching me to leave things better for those who would come after us. I learned about compassion and empathy through my mommy. I learned how to treat others with diginity and respect, even if they didn’t return it. I learned to always give and don’t expect anything in return. The influence on my childhood through my mother is invaluable and has shaped me into the woman that I am today.

She nurtured and cared about me through… always reading to me. I remember that whenever we took a car trip, my mommy had a book in her hand. We read countless books in the car. Through her reading to me, I felt her love for me radiate from her being. I also knew that she cared for me in ways that I couldn’t imagine by working numerous jobs just to provide for us. I recall her going to work in the evenings and overnights, and yet she spend time with me during the days. She cared for me through making personal sacrifices. She spent so much time with me. Sometimes I think she created extra time in her schedule just to make sure that I knew I was loved and cared for. My mommy nurtured and cared for me through countless ways that have left me a better human being.

She made me feel special by …investing time individualized specifically for me. I felt incredibly important to her because she always created unique opportunities to spend time with me. I remember one day she took me to the doll factory. I adored dolls when I was younger, and I was thrilled to spend time with my mommy looking at the toy I loved best. My mom made me feel special by creating powerful memories that were tailored to my personal interests. Through making these incredible memories, they have stuck with me through childhood into adulthood. I will never forget how important and special I felt to my mom as I grew up.

Her influence continues today … I still find my mommy in me as an adult. Whenever I go out to a resturant with friends, I gather up all the plates after our meal and stack them in a neat pile. I often get questionable looks when I do this. I simply say that this is how my mother raised me. I have a passion for reading that I know came from her. I have also taken in her footsteps by having a career in education. I have adopted her deep compassion for others and her kindness towards those who are in need. I find my mother’s influence in me wherever I go, and I know that I will carry her in my heart until I die.

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