My Supports

My Daily Supports

  • My Mom and Dad … My mom and dad provide daily emotional and social support to me. They are there to help me think through situations, give me sound advice, and offer some assistance with caring for my son. Without their support, I would struggle significant more throughout my daily life. The benefits from the support I receive from my mom and dad include challenging my thinking, which helps promote my cognitive growth. In addition, I also am able to receive a bit of relief from full time care for my son, which allows me to rest and recharge, which helps me provide even better care for my son. Difficulty without this support would lead to additional struggles throughout my daily life. I may not make the best decisions, and I would also run into more difficulty with caring for my son, which would run me down more. I would find it more difficult to parent effectively without their crucial support. The impact on my life would be significant. I rely on my parents for their wisdom on difficult situations. If I didn’t have this, I would definitely struggle with hard decisions and situations. I would also be more run down as a parent without their additional support of care for my son. This in turn would impact my parenting, which would ultimately affect my son. Without my mom and dad’s support, my daily life would significantly be impacted.
  • My son – My beautiful son provides me an important source of support each day. He teaches me to take a moment or two to slow down and enjoy life. He shows me how to play and use my imagination with those things around me. He challenges me to think outside the box, and he always reminds me that miracles exist every day. The benefits from my son’s daily support is that I am able to enjoy life a little bit more from what he teaches me. I utilize my creativity and imagination with what materials are given me. I keep going on, even during the toughest days, because there is always a miracle waiting to be discovered. The difficulty and impact on my daily support would be huge. Honestly, I can’t even imagine my life without him. I believe that I would be more depressed if I didn’t have his gentle reminders and support. I wouldn’t enjoy life as much as I do. I think I would just keep going and going, without slowing down. This would impact my life, as I would quickly become overwhelmed with all I have to do. Honestly, the impact on my life without my son’s support would be so significant that I don;t want to imagine life without him.
  • My Fiance, Sammy – The love of my life provided a wealth of support to me on a daily basis. He allows me to vent when I am so frustrated and overwhelmed. He constantly points me to the positive facts in life and helps me to always see the bright side of things. He supports me with a ton love, by sending me text messages, emails, and cards daily. He is the primary source of my emotional support. The benefits from Sammy’s phenomenal support leaves me with a healthy sense of happiness and love. My self-esteem is boosted with each word he says to me, as I feel loved and worthy. I am also less stressed out, as I try to find the positive facts in life. Through Sammy, I smile more, laugh often. and worry less.  It would be difficult to exist without this support, as I would probably be more depressed, always finding the negative things in life. My self-esteem would plummet, and I wouldn’t be as secure in who I am. The impact without Sammy’s support would specifically affect my emotional health. I wouldn’t be as happy and content with my life currently. I wouldn’t experience love as deeply or smile as much. I would also be more alone and withdrawn socially. Without Sammy, I would become more socially incompetent.
  • My Car, Money, and My Computer/iPad – This material items provide a vast of support throughout my daily life. My car gets me to all the locations I need to get to, like work, my son’s doctor and therapy appointments, and the grocery store. The monetary support allows me to provide for my son’s needs, including food, diapers, and clothes. It also ensures that I can provide for my needs, as well as enjoy a bit of life around me. My computer/iPad is my connection to the world and to graduate school. I utilize both of these to manage my daily/monthly schedules, to send email correspondence, to send text messages or place phone calls, and to enjoy some entertainment. The benefits from this support allows me to get to places that are necessary to make a living. We can see the needed doctors and therapies to help my son achieve his optimal best, and I’m also able to participate in some fun activities that are a distance away. Monetary support benefits both my son and I, as we are able to access the items needed for daily living. It also benefits me through allowing us to purchase necessary medications for both my son and I. My computer benefits me by allowing me to gain a higher education, manage all of my appointments so I can keep them, and helps me keep in touch with friends and family. The difficulty without this support would be incredible. If I didn’t have a car, I wouldn’t be able to readily places that I needed to get to. Without a car, I would have significant difficulty accessing the needed places and people for both my son and I. Without money, the difficulty would be overwhelming. I wouldn’t be able to do the majority of what I need to do, and I would be forced to rely upon others for everything else. While difficulty without my computer wouldn’t be as as severe, I wouldn’t be able to readily access graduate school, which increased the difficulty to proceed with higher education. I also would have to find alternative methods to keep track of my schedule, and remain in contact with my friends and family. The impact on my life if I had none of these supports would be significant. My life would not progress as well as it has been, and I feel that I would remain stagnant in life. This support is so important in my life that the impact without their presence would significantly impact my daily life.

A Challenge …

  • Hypothetical situation: Since my son struggles with multiple disabilities, I have choose my challenge to be very similar to his current situation. I am imagining that I struggle with cerebral palsy that affects all four extremities. In addition, I cannot communication and have extreme difficulty with movement. However, my cognitive ability is just below an average level, and with a creative output source, I can effectively communication my thoughts, desires, wishes, and needs. 
  • Possible Supportive Factors:
    Equipment to Move
    Effectively – This can range from a gait trainer to provide additional support to guide the legs and feet or even a wheelchair. This equipment will provide additional support to help me maximize my movement. I would be able to move around freely and gain greater access to more areas. I would be able to move within the community and hopefully have gainful employment, all due to a simple piece of equipment that would provide additional support to help movement be more effectively.
    Communication Device Through utilizing a communication device, whether it would be a iPad or an augmentative device, I would be able to have a meaningful way to output my speech. I would be able to effectively express my desires, wants, needs, and wishes. People around me will be able to work with me better, by knowing what I need or want. A communication device would provide outstanding support by simply just being my voice.
    A CaretakerThis person, whether it is a parent, relative, or even a nurse, would provide support by caring for my physical needs, including feeding, any tolieting needs, and personal care. This individual is crucial in providing additional support so I would be able to achieve my optimal best in life. In addition, this individual would provide support by ensuring that other equipment and devices are taken care of and are within an easy access for my use. This individual would provide support by ensuring that I got to my doctor appointments and any therapy appointments that I may have.
  • Potential Benefits
    * Through utilizing equipment, I will be able to have greater access to the community around me. I will be to attend more social functions or church outings, which will increase my social development. Pending the type of equipment, it may help my cerebral palsy in check, by preventing any further degression of my physical condition. I would also be able to use this equipment to attend a local college, progressing my educational level. I would be able to see new places, meet new people, and explore my world at my own pace.
    * The biggest benefit a communication device would bring is more communication with those around me. This would provide an output for my internal thoughts, allowing others to actually hear what I’m thinking. I would be able to effectively speak my desires, thoughts, wants, and needs. In addition, I would also be able to utilize this communication device to attend a local college, which would help promote educational levels. Most importantly, a communication device would benefit me by providing me a voice to effectively communicate.
    * A caretaker would ensure that I am receiving the proper care. I would be able to attend doctor and therapy appointments that are required for optimal care. I would have someone around to help take care of my physical needs, as tolieting and feeding skills would become nearly impossible without additional support. Ultimately, the primary benefits of having a caretaker would be that my optimal care on all levels is achieved.
  • Perceived Difficult and Impact Without These Supports
    * Without any additional equipment to help with movement, I would be confined to a limited area. I would not be able to move around freely and would have to solely rely on others to transport me. This would limit what I would be able to do and where I would be able to go. The difficulty without equipment would be significant, as I would then be extremely limited to where I could and couldn’t go. Therefore, without this support, my life would be negatively impacted in my social and physical development. I would have limited access to social outings, affecting my social development … I would be severely limited in my physical mobility, affecting my physical development.
    * Without a communication device, I would have extreme difficulty effectively communicating my needs and wants. People around me would have to constantly guess what I am trying to say, negatively impacting my relationships with those around me. The lack of a communication device would hinder the output of my communication, increasing difficulty to effectively talk. Without a communication device and no other way to communicate, it will feel like I would be trapped within my own body with no way to speak.
    * If there were no caretaker available, the level of difficulty would rise significantly. I would have to tend to my personal needs, which would probably be almost impossible. If there were no caretaker, the impact on my life would be severe. A caretaker would be necessary as an additional support in order to receive optimal success throughout life.

4 responses to “My Supports

  1. tmorris1226

    December 9, 2012 at 10:51 pm

    I enjoyed reading your post…thanks for sharing! Even as a married woman, my parents still serve as a great source of support for me. They know me inside and out. 🙂

  2. shawneced

    December 10, 2012 at 12:10 am

    I used my family as my examples of supports as well. If all else fails they have proven to me that they are truly a support system to me

  3. Cheri Creecy

    December 10, 2012 at 4:21 am

    I really enjoyed your post. It is so essential that family plays a very important part in our lives. I do not have that support and the present time due to my parents being deceased and I missed that about them. They were so supportive and I felt as if I could move mountains.


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